Got a question about DanniFIT? Chances are the answer is here!



Q. How much is DanniFIT?

A. It's a snip at just £49 per month, or £120 for three months!


Q. How do I know my payment details are safe?

A. We use PAYPAL as our payment partner to ensure payments have the highest level of security.


Q. How do the payments appear on my bank statement?

A. You will see the payments listed as either "PAYPAL - DANNIFIT" or just "DANNIFIT" depending on how your bank displays transaction details.

Q. I signed up for the three month package but have not recieved my meal plan. Why?

A. To ensure you recieve the personal touch you want, meal plans are generated specifically to your requirements. This can take a few hours, especially if you register overnight or at a weekend, but we aim to ensure all meal plans are sent out no later than the next working day.


Q. How do I cancel my account?

A. Just send a private message to Admin from your account saying you wish to cancel. We will be sorry to see you go but we won't pester you!


Six Minute Shred FAQs

Q. I am on week 3 and I still can't do the exercises from week 1. Will I still see results if I don't progress onto the next workout?

A. Yes! It is important you do not skip to the next workout until you have competently mastered the exercises from the previous week. If you are still finding the workouts challenging and you are feeling muscle soreness 1-2 days afterwards, then your body is building lean muscle and burning fat. Even if you find you are stuck on week 1 for a whole month, don't beat yourself up. Keep going at your own pace until you complete the entire shred programme.


Q. I'm not sure what's best to eat and when - can you help?

A. Try our Six Minute Meals menu! These meals can all be prepared and cooked in just six minutes or less. I recommend you perform the shred exercises BEFORE breakfast, and that you consume at least 3 meals per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not skip meals, as this is likely to prevent your metabolism from working to its optimum fat-burning capacity.


Q. I have an injury or suffer from an illness which has or can prevent me from doing certain exercises. Can I still take part?

A. Do not embark on any exercise programme without the approval of your GP. It is not recommended you begin the Six Week Shred without medical clearance.


Q. I missed a day- what do I do?

A. Don't beat yourself up, just pick up the programme with the workout you should have done on the day you missed and push everything back a day. Stick the programme on your fridge so you don't forget what you're supposed to be ding and when.


Q. When is the best time to do the workouts?

A. By far the best time to perform the Six Minute workouts is before breakfast when there is no glycogen in the body. This enables your body to prioritise fat-burning. Follow the workouts with a protein-packed breakfast. Accompany this with one of the tasty drinks or smoothies from the menu if desired. 


Q. I have finished the shred and I've seen great results, but I want to lose even more weight or change my shape even more. What do I do now?

A. As a member of DanniFIT, you have access to private messaging with me. Drop me a message and I will advise you privately as everyone is different!